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* Beanscene is a popular coffee shop chain in Scotland. Think Starbucks, but with less comfy seats.
** people drinking in parks is regularly documented, reported and generally complained about in Scotland.  Particularly Glasgow. Oh bonnie Glasgow <3)

Evening All.

Hope you all had a nice day.  Mine was quite boring at first, I must say.  Around about half six I met up with Colin, Farzana, Grant, Cammy, Sam and Moray.  After buying chips, purely to throw at Farzana, we headed to Clarkston Toll to go to Beanscene.  So, we wandered in, went upstairs and got setteled before Grant, Sam, Moray and I headed down to order something (including a “legally free tap water” for Farzana)  Bizzarly, after asking for a mango crush and a hot chocolate, we got ID’d. Slightly baffled, we each produced our YoungScot cards - which then lead to us being thrown out as apparently you need to be 18 years old just to sit in there after 7.30pm. Those YoungScot cards are supposed to enhance the youth and make things chepaer/easier for them. All mine does has got me thrown out of places, or charged a full fayre on the train. And people are surprised when teens are found drinking in parks and on street corners?

So, after a suitable amount of ranting and failing to contact my sister in a nearby restaurant, we headed toward the Clarkston Tesco. Soon, Sam came across the pick n’ mix bit, and accepted the challange of filling his £2.55 medium cup TO THE BRIM (picture). I swear, I have never seen a) jelly babies being squished into the shapes the did and b) someone concentrate so much on getting so many things in such a little area.  I swear, I was waiting for it to turn into an optimization question.

After bickering as to what to do next for a while, we headed to the busstop to go to Colins.  Sam, Grant and I are having an interesting/disturbing little conversation about broken bones, when suddenly a little blonde haired boy bolts across the road, to which Cammy and Moray immediately respond:

"Thats Derek! HEY DEREK!"

Not a single one of us have a clue who this mystory “Derek” is galloping around Clarkston, and watch as the boy continues to dart in the opposite direction, only coming to a stop when Moray shouts:


 A family soon turns round the corner, who appear to claim the kid before we notice tagging along at the back of the family .. well is it not Jack Macrides and Nicola Scott.  Derek is infact Derek Scott - Nicola’s little brother, and her family and Jack were out for dinner in Clark&Sons.  Even more “small world”-y, Jack and Nicola had been in the same restaurant my sister was working in, and were chatting away to her for a while. So, whilst standing in the rain after being thrown out of a licenced Beanscene, I couldn’t get a hold of my sister because she’d been too busy talking to my friends.  Its a cruel small world. The our bus came, and we ran away.

Back at Colins, it was the usual case of chatting and bickering over who’s iPod gets to be plugged in.  Colin and I continued our game of happyslappy (which Colin managed to take the “happy” right out of) and as I type, I’m watching my left hand turn rather interesting shades of deep red and purple. After playing in a group as well, we concluded that Grant and Farzana have a pain-threshold similar to that of a newborn kitten, and Colin has somehow developed a mean bitch slap in his 16 years.

I just took a moment to inspect my hand again there.  A bruise has already developed on my wrist .. i’ll be sure to post a picture of the carnage of the rest of my hand tomorrow, something tells me it might be able to pass as some sot of 21st abstract art piece there’s so many colour developing on it.

Happy Weekend everyone



“I’m so sorry Mr. Lugosi, I’m sure you get this all the time. But I’m a big fan.”


“I’m so sorry Mr. Lugosi, I’m sure you get this all the time. But I’m a big fan.”

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Oh dear lord, there’s Milka’s EVERYWHERE! Colin was round here last night, and was left alone in my room for 5 minutes, and I come back and he’s freakishly/mischievously giggling - until I eventually notice the half a dozen mini milka chocolates hidden around my room. Sigh. So far I’ve found six, two of which are in the picture in my LAMPSHADE. There’s a fish tank in the corner of my room, should I be worried?


its .. nearly 2am. Colin and Jenny left a wee while ago, I’m off school tomorrow and i’m in a weird think-y mood.

Other than breaking, and making, friendships .. what actually is a secret?

Like I get the whole literal meaning. Something that’s kept private or hidden - but does that mean the second you tell someone it, its no longer a secret? If not how many people do you need to tell before it’s “not exactly a secret” ? And what about when people find out without your knowledge, is it still a secret then?  To you it might be, but for all you know it could be general knowledge behind your back.

bit of a mind fuck, isn’t it? 

taking me for example, pretty much everyone knows I’m bi, and if they dont, they soon do because I’m very open about it. So .. its not a secret, right?  But what about when I tell you my mum and sister don’t know - is it a secret now?

I don’t like secrets, but I don’t trust people easily either.  Its a bit of a flaw I guess, its like being a pyromaniac with a phobia of water.  I always wind up being the least in the know about my own secrets - its was my friends who sat me down and told me they knew, not the other way around like it should have been. Each and everytime it happens, I get that gut wrenching, sick feeling like you have no control over anything … but when I kept myself completely and utterly to myself, I, literally, went insane.  I guess its about getting the balance right, and not being afraid to jump into the deep end when you burst into flames.

I hate my friends being upset.  I know everyone says that, but I really mean it.  People tell me quite a lot of things, some big problems and some just little issues.  I don’t know why, maybe I’ve just got ‘one of those faces’ (que some witty “your face” comment), maybe people walk on my left hand side and get something off their chest, knowing that most of it is literally falling on deaf ears (deafened in one ear) or maybe its because I know what its like to have something deep and personal repeated … but whatever it is I just hope I never change it.  I like people knowing that someone cares - I remember the feeling from when I needed it and forever grateful for it. My family is quite small, so my friends really are my family which I think is why they mean so much to me.  Just the other day, a good friend called me up a bit upset about stuff going on.  Half way through the conversation however, my phone cut out (note to self : need new battery).  As annoying as that was, it couldn’t have come at a better time, because I spent the next 10 minutes crying; for them because I knew exactly how they felt, and out of frustration because they were upset and I couldn’t immediately do a thing to help.

Phwoar, went off at a bit of a deep tangent there.  Not a single lie though, I’m at my most truthful when I’m blogging - ironic, but true.

Anyways, Prelims have really been knocking it out of me recently, so i’m off to get some well deserved kip

take care


Hey Hey,

I’m not so new to blogging, although i am quite new to the new tumblr, so i’m definitely going to be making a few mistakes first time round, but ach well - we learn dont we?

If you found this through an actual friendship, you’l know me as either Claudia or Cloudy

If you found this through my QA blog, you’l know be as either Cloudy or Naomi23

If you found this randomly, hey - i’m cloudy

eitherway, HELLO, nice to see you.

My QA blog will still be running and be a familiar little home to all my gay little rambles, but i plan on using tumblr to a) replace an old typepad blog and b) be a home to the majority of my rambles.

Hope you had a nice day xx